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Local History

Historical evidence suggests that there have been settlements at Duston and Upton since the Stone Age. There was a large Roman settlement at Duston, and it was probably the main centre of habitation in the area until Anglo-Saxon times (fifth to eighth centuries AD), when Northampton started to emerge as the centre.

Duston was also a centre for the Vikings or Danes, but passed back into Anglo-Saxon possession before being transferred into Norman hands as the manor of ‘Dustone’ after the Norman Conquest. The meaning of Dustone, given in the Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names is 'farmstead on a mound', or 'farmstead with dusty soil'. Upton was recorded in the Domesday Book as ‘Optone’ at this time.

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Duston Surnames - *New*

Duston’s Beginnings

Duston in Roman Times

Roman Road in Duston

Roman Town in Duston

Map of Romano-British Town

Roman Finds in Duston

Duston Manor

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The 1919 Duston Estate Sale

Upton’s Beginnings

Tour of St Luke’s Church, Duston

Musical History of St Luke's Church

Survey of Memorials at St Luke's Church, Duston

Anchorite Cell at St Luke's Church

Survey of Duston Cemetery

Tomb Cover of Nicholas de Flore

Abbey of St James

Historical Tour of St James End

St Michael’s Church, Upton

History of St Francis Church

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Memories of a Village Christmas: Duston 1939

Christmas Scene at Northampton Market in the Sixties

Evacuee Story

Duston Memories

Locations of Roman & Anglo-Saxon Artefacts

St Margaret of Scotland: The Duston Link

Thomas Becket: Duston & Northampton - The Honeymoon Years

A Northampton Walk: Echoes of St Thomas Becket NEW

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Illustrated History of Duston

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We need your history

Personal testimonies from local people can throw light on the character of the village over the years, and would be very welcome. How has the village changed since you were a child? What was it like to live in Duston or Upton during the War, or in the fifties or sixties? What are your memories of significant village events? See Duston Memories for testimonies we have received. Please email your memories to the Duston Directory.